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Kensington Robbery: Man died after being shot in police confrontation


Kensington Robbery: Man died after being shot in police confrontation: The news is coming from Kensington, a man has been shot to death by an armed police officer, there have been reports that there were “three loud bangs” which were heard next to Kensington Palace, visitors to the Palace fled the scene as gunshots were heard at the junction of Kensington Road and Palace Gate at 3:20 pm on Saturday. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kensington Robbery

Kensington Robbery

It was later stated by the police that they were called to the reports of an armed robber entering a bank and the bookmaker in nearby Marloes Road at 3:00 pm has been stated by a spokesperson, “The man was then seen to get into a vehicle and leave the area. “At 3:19 pm, armed officers stopped a vehicle at the junction of Kensington Road and Palace Gate, SW7. Shots were fired and a man sustained gunshot wounds. “The incident is not being treated as terrorism.”

There was a witness that they saw the person getting chest compressions from paramedics, Katie Robertson who is at the age of 40, she was with her son visiting the Palace, she said that she heard three loud bangs ring out. She told the Standard,

“We heard these shots and I said to my boy ‘My god that sounds like gunshots’. It was not ‘bang, bang, bang’ but slower, all over in seven seconds. “I stopped in my tracks and so did another woman ahead of me, then we saw people running. “It was really scary I was with my son, so I had to stay calm for him. We walked to the side of the palace where the cars go in.

“The police there said they had no idea what going on but it could be something to do with the embassies. “We just got out of there as soon as we can.” Police remain at the scene guarding a forensics tent in the road, one of the managers at a spa of Kensington Road has told the Standard, “We were all inside the hotel, it was busy we had all the guests in the bar, the restaurant. “Suddenly there were loads of police cars everywhere.

It seems like there is not much which has been disclosed as of this point in time, police came into see if they all are ok and told them to keep the guests away from the windows wherever possible, all the windows are open at the back so we’re told to avoid people going out of the main entrance.

We will be back with the updates.

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