Home News Kenora Tornado Warning Update: Kenora Area Tornado Warning Has Been Ended!

Kenora Tornado Warning Update: Kenora Area Tornado Warning Has Been Ended!


As we were informed yesterday that the Environment Canada issued a tornado warning for Kenora, Grassy Narrows, and Whitedog is now ended. The meteorologists of Environment Canada are tracking a harsh thunderstorm that is most probably producing a tornado. Large hail, damaging winds, and locally acute rainfall are also feasible. This is a menacing and quiescent life-threatening situation. Take cover straight away if menacing weather approaches. If anyone sees a funnel cloud and hears a roaring sound, whirling detritus close to the ground, flying detritus, or any menacing weather approaching, without thinking twice just take shelter as soon as possible.

Kenora Tornado Warning Update

Kenora Tornado Warning Update

Just try to go indoors to a room in the basement, away from outside windows and walls such as the ground floor, interior closet, and stairwell. Leave vehicles, mobile homes, trailers, tents, and other temporary or free-standing shelter and goes to a strong building if it is possible for people. As a last resort, lie down a low spot and tries to save your head from flying detritus.

Every year Canadians face lightning kills and injury. Recalls, when thunder roars and indicating to go indoors and save yourselves. This warning of the tornado is issued when forthcoming or occurring thunderstorms are probably to produce or are producing tornadoes. The Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Office suggest that people take cover instantly if the menacing weather approaches.

Kenora Tornado Warning Update

The Tornado Warning was issued on Saturday, 21st August 2021 in which mentions that strong wind gusts up to around 70 km/hr are happens today. In the morning, the strong southwest wind is developed. This strong wind will shift to the west and northwest close to noon or in the afternoon. The loose objects tossed by the strong wind and the outage of local power are also possible. For the past few days, Environment Canada was issuing tornado warnings and also sharing the precautions and what to do at this time.

Please continue to detector forecasts and alerts which are issued by Environment Canada. To report harsh weather, just send an email to ONstorm@canada.ca or can make a tweet report by using #ONStorm. Just stay tuned with us for more such updates regarding this news and also keep reading our further articles or news only on Getindianews.

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