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Kendrick Johnson Case Update 2021: Kendrick Johnson Death Mystery Reopened By Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk


A death case of the Georgia teenager Kendrick Johnson is reopened by Lowndes County Sheriff Ashley Paulk. The death case was registered in January 2013 and the dead body of the teenager was found upturned in the school mat of the gym. The body is found in Lowndes County High School and the case was shut close as according to the local investigator that the reason behind his death was an accident, not a murder. Kendrick Johnson was 17 years old at that time.

Kendrick Johnson

Kendrick Johnson Case Update 2021

According to the parents of Kendrick Johnson that their son was assassinated and it’s not an accident. Their parents told that when his child has not come home in the late night of 10 Jan 2013 they got scared and worried about his son and then they called the cop. On the next day, the students of the Lowndes County High School found the dead body of their son was upside down inside a large heavy gym mat in the school health or recreation center. During the two to three months, the case was shut closed and the reason for the death was mentioned as an accident.

According to the investigation report, Kendrick had asphyxiation after stuck in the mat and he was trying hard to get out of it, his shoes was fallen inside the mat and he was trying to get the shoes out of it and then himself stuck in the mat. But their parents were not believed in this investigation report as their son was a famous athlete in the school and they did not believe that he can die with this accident. They believed that it was a murder, not an accident.

Kendrick Johnson Death Photos Crime Junkie

The local investigator shut the case and Kendrick parents tried hard to reopen this death case and for that, they appealed to many local and governmental authorities. His mother said that they were feeling hopeless but now the case is going to be re-examined now maybe their child will get justice. Ashley Paulk, the current Lowndes County Sheriff decided to reopen the case of Kendrick Johnson on Friday. He said that I can not be sure that this case is an accidental case or a murder case until I will not get any pieces of evidence regarding this. But he believed that if it was a case of an accident then it was a very unusual way for something to happen.

Kendrick father said that they would get relief only when an arrest or evidence will appear and I am hoping that the truth will come out in front of everyone soon. Though they know that it was a case of murder.

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