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Kematian Baby Adam Death Case: Siti Bainun Called By Police


Kematian Baby Adam Death Case: Siti Bainun Called By Police: A very popular 2020 cash of Malaysia death of Kematian Baby Adam has been solved now by his autopsy report. The police investigation found that the death of a 10-month-old baby boy named Muhammad Adam Rizqi Abdul Azim has been solved this year. It has been taking a little bit long time for solving the case. When the baby boy has been died suddenly, everywhere a piece of news was spreading that, the baby boy has been sexually harassed by some, and person also killed the baby, Adam. So that is why the case was getting huge attention from the viewers. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kematian Baby Adam

Kematian Baby Adam Death Case

The police have found that after the investigation of the autopsy report on the baby Adam issued by the Kuala Lampur Hospital showed that the real cause of his death was pneumonia. As per the Bukit Aman Sexual woman and children, investigation Division (D11) Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah Hassan said, the autopsy report also showed that no criminal element was detected in the baby’s death. As per his given review, he also found that a report was made by the owner of Rumah Bonda regarding Adam’s Bella.

It has become the trigger point for those sources, that were claiming that the baby Adam has been killed by the sexually harrassed by the some. The criminal wanted to save his identity so he created a scene like this. There are cases where investigation papers were opened and there were cases where investigation papers were not opened because it was found that there were no criminal elements.

Everyone is showing their gratitude that thankfully the little innocent child had not died due to any physical harm. He has died due to Pneumonia. When he was dead, a piece news has been circulated everywhere that he was killed by someone and physically harassed. Thankfully all the circulation has been proved wrong.

Now netizens are quite relieved after getting the news that the child has not been sexually harassed nothing else is behind it now. He died due to catching pneumonia. His body could not handle the consequences of the disease. The baby boy was not physically healthy and that became the reason for his unfortunate death. Now netizens are praying for the little baby. They are also blessing him for his next life. His parents miss him very much.

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