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Who is Kelli Stevens? Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who is Kelli Stevens? Age, Instagram, and, more!: Kello Stevens is the name that is circulating on the web and many of the netizens are taking to social media to know why her name is scattered over the internet. If you guys remember then she was married to Australia’s famous footballer Anthony Stevens. But in 2008 they were signed a divorce after this it was on the intent and many of their fans were so sad to hear this. So this time we are with the other news about Anthony, he might be in an affair with someone. We know that now your excitement level is high to know who is his new partner is. Have some patience as in the article below we will gonna update you with the complete story of his side. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kelli Stevens

Who is Kelli Stevens?

As per the sources, he got married to a new partner and her name is Srah Wall. She s also from eh parts industry and is known as an athlete and she has been played with the popular personality  Melbourne Vixens. As a netball player, it was her pleasure to play with Vixens. She was also honored with the reputation award, 2014 Coaches Award after transferring to the NSW Swifts.

In the year 2016, he had been proposed to her and he is this after the eight years of his divorce. Before this, they were dating each other and they finally raised that they want to get married to each other. Later Srah took to her Instagram and she amazed her fans, by releasing the news of her engagement. And they are finally spending a happier life with each other.

Where Is Anthony Stevens Wife Now?

Is the most searched question on the web,  the fans are curious to know where is Kelli and what she has been doing now. They both get married to each other in the year 1998, after their marriage they were blessed with two kids River and Ayva. So as per our research, she is now working in Echuca, as a spa therapist. And she is also with Wayne Carey. She is now 47 years old in 2015 she talked about her affair with Wayne Carey. These days she is giving her time to her children and has not been in the limelight for long. So, Kello Stevens and Anthony Stevens, both are doing great in their life separately with their new partners.

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