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Katie Price Arrested: Has Katie Price Been Arrested? Revealed


Katie Price Arrested: Has Katie Price Been Arrested? Revealed: The arrest news of Katie Price is a current topic discussed on social media. As per the reports, Katie Price is facing prison after being apprehended for reportedly texting her former Kieran Hayler’s new fiancee. The 43-years-old, reality star was only released at around 03:00 PM today after a quizzing by police officers at Worthing police station after being taken from her house in Horsham at 05:45 PM yesterday. It is understood she reportedly sent an abusive message to former Kieran and his fiancee Michelle Penticost-breaching a court-imposed ban and it seems like she may face jail time for being apprehended while still on license for her drink-drive shame. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Has Katie Price Been Arrested

Has Katie Price Been Arrested?

The reality star was shown leaving the police station this afternoon after question by police officers overnight and throughout today. Fiance Carl Woods drove the former glamour model away in a £35,000 Mercedes AMG. Breaking a restraining order carries a maximum jail conviction of 5 years. She is already on a 16-week suspended conviction for drunk driving which means that she could be recalled to Jail.

Sussex Police stated: “At around 05:45 PM on Friday, 21st January 2022 police responded to a report that a suspect had breached their restraining order. Officers apprehended a lady in her 40s who remains in custody while enquiring is ongoing.” Kattie was slapped with the 5-year order in the year 2019 after she called Michelle a f***ing c*** at the time of the mouth tirade at the school gates.

Is Katie Price Arrested?

She was outlawed from contacting Michelle “directly or indirectly.” At the time Katie explained the court drama as “overstated nonsense” and was not sorry as she “did not do anything that bad”. But she appealed guilty to using menacing and abusive words or behavior likely to cause harassment, distress, or alarm at Horsham Magistrates Court.


Keiran and Katie tied the wedding knot in the month of January 2013 and share 2 children, Bunny who is 5 years old, and Jett who is 6-years-old. They parted ways in early 2018 after several accusations of deception and cheating. Kieran is now engaged to Michelle and they share a baby son named Apollo.

A news website disclosed this week that investigating officers want to talk to former stripper Kieran over historic rape accusations. He has voluntarily agreed to answer questions over 3 claimed incidents with a lady who was known to the duo while they were still wedded in the year 2016. Kieran is stated to have instantly agreed to be interviewed, saying he was happy to co-operate and clear his name.

Why was Katie Price Arrested?

A mouthpiece of Kieran stated: “Kieran is very saddened by these wrong accusations, and is happy to fully assist the police and co-operate entirely to make sure he is fastly vindicated. But he is desired not to get into a public discussion and would prefer to rectify this case with the cops as fastly and calmly possible, and continue to focus on his own life.”


Katie Price is a former glamours model who has been circulating on social media platforms. Not only on social media platforms but also making rounds in the news headlines. She has been got arrested recently for the most inappropriate cations of the ex-model. You are just keen to know what has been the reason behind her arrest, so stay tuned to the article as below we are going to talk about her apprehend.

Katie Price who is 43 years old had been arrested for texting abusive messages to her ex Kieran Hayler and his fiance Michelle Penticost. A model was arrested as she is alleged for texting abuse in her messages to her ex and his fiance. She might have been faced prison time while she is still on a license for drinking and driving.

So in the viral pictures of the ex-model, we can see that she was pictured while leaving a police station. She was quizzed up by the cops over the night and throughout the next day of that night too. Later her fiance Carl Wood drops her at her house in the Mercedes AMG. Katie also breaches the orders carries a prison time of five years.

Here is the statement from the Sussex police which said, “we had a report about the ex-model of restraining the court orders and we responded to this report on Friday at 5:45 pm.” While Katie didn’t even sorry for her inappropriate actions she said, “there is nothing wrong done by her, and neither anything is bad in it.”

Later she felt guilty that she used some of the abusive words and tried to threaten a couple. Katie and Kieran tied a knot to each other in January 2013 and they even shared their two children one is five years old now while another one is six years. Later in the year 2018, both of them were decided to get separated and they accused each other of cheating.

Kieran is now engaged with Michelle and they even share a son whose name is Apollo. Social media is now split into two parts as they are having their different opinions about her arrest. Some are on her support while some are against her. Whereas Katie is now banned from driving when she is found drunk, after which her license was canceled by her officials.

Stay tuned to us to grab the details on the same.

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