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Karthika Deepam Today’s Episode 5 March 2021 Written Update: Ananth Rao Gets Chest Pain


In today episode of Karthika Deepam 5th, march 2021 will begin with Sourya who wants to leave with his dad and he says it is very difficult for him to stay away from his dad, he says that his granny told them that soon their family will be going to reunite but it is never happening. Hima says that she also wants to live with his dad as dad is also not able to leave without them.

Karthika Deepam

Both Sourya and Heema want to live with their father and Deepa allows both of them to live with Karthik. She tells Varanasi to take both of them to their father as she does not want to stop them. But both want their mother and father together and live like a complete loving family but Deepa says their dad will not accept her but they will surely give you all the love and care from both sides.

Sourya asks her mother to come with them but she refuses it and tells both of them that she came to this place as an orphan and from that day she is living with these plants, she can not able to live without their children but she can not be so mean and she can not destroy their children career and future. she will be going to live with these plants for the rest of the life. She continues by says that she had a hope that they could be reunited but now that hope is also broken.

Meanwhile, Varanasi tells Sourya that he does not like the attitude of Sourya towards his mother. In order to get their father how easily they can forget their mother’s love and sacrifice. Sourya and Hema tell her mother that they love her so much and if she wants they can choose their mother between their father and mother. In the second scenario, Karthik says everyone not to sits sadly as Deepa took his daughter away from him and he is in pain which he can not able to bear alone and nobody in the house is giving him sympathy. Everyone is a part of this crime.

But Aditya yells at Karthik and tells him that he is the only one who creates this sin and we are not a part of this so do not drag their names in it. But Karthik says what I had done wrong just tell me I gave my best in order to create a bright future for my kids but what they did they just left me alone and choose their mother. Both Aditya and Karthik indulge in a heated argument and seeing this fight AnathRao gets chest pain and then he faints.

Let’s see what happened when Deepa gets to know the health condition of AnanthRao. Is she came back to Karthik’s house or her children get back to Karthik’s home? Just be with us for such updates on upcoming episodes of Karthika Deepam or watch the full episodes of the show on Star Maa at 7:30 PM.

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