Kanye released his album at the party at the stadium of Mercedes Benz in Atlanta. The concert has been attended by 42,000 fans of his. His fans are crazy for him and they use to be curious all the time to attend his music concerts. So that they can listen to him in front of their eyes. At this concert, he unveiled his album that which has some new and exciting features from Kid Cudi and Weekend. Whereas his fans are super excited and they have been showing their curiosity by tweeting.

Kanye West’s And Kid Cudi Beef Explained

Kanye West’s And Kid Cudi Beef Explained

The beef started in September 2016 when he took to Twitter and there he posted about the renowned name such as Kayne. He wrote on tweeter, “I would like to tell you that I have faced amby haters in my life and they even use to criticize me. Well, let me also be aware of the haters that I will be going to make them feel more jealous.”

After this, he drops the name of Kanye and Drake and wrote, “I never think of to share to abut due to some haters I have to break my silence. And now I’m feeling fantastic and like talking over. I already have the things and tweets that apply to whom they must have to us. And I don’t give an f about anyone.”

Do you even know how many people wish to sign with good music and song? Do their life changes and they have a great opportunity? I feel disrespected and neglected even I’m so hurt too. We are two, men who are black among these racists in the world, and I would like to requests never tries to take or drag my name in a bad sense.” Tweeted by Kayane.

Then Layenetweeted one more time in which he uses to forgive Kid Cudi. Kayen wrote, “The most renowned and well-known artist from the last 10 years and even an influential one and I are in the hope that he is doing great. I would like t tell you that Kid Cudi is my bro. The most influential artist he is.”

They both used to be performed after this in the year 2017 and in 2018 also.


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