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Kangana Ranaut Twitter Account Suspended After Controversial Post


Actress Kangana Ranaut’s twitter account has been permanently suspended which happened on Tuesday after she posted a series of tweets which she posted regarding the recent elections that happened in West Bengal and about the results and Twitter has come up stating that she has been violating the rules repeatedly of the platform.

Kangana Ranaut

A spokesperson for Twitter has said that they have been pretty clear about the rules and regulations of the platform and we have been also clear about taking strong action to the tweets that have the potential to start an offline drama/harm, the spokesperson stated that the account suspended has many times violated their Abusive Behavior Policy and Hateful Conduct Policy and he also stated that we are completely unbiased towards the users of the platform and rules need to be followed by everyone doesn’t matter how much following they have.

This has not been the first time that the actress has been penalized by the social media platform, she has already received minor penalties for a tweet that she made regarding the makers of Tandav which is a series that was released on Amazon Prime Video as she stated that the heads should be chopped off of the makers of the show as they have hurt religious sentiments of the people which is such a stupid thing to say and rightly so she was banned for some time but this time she has been a nuisance again and Twitter has finally suspended the account of the actress so that she cannot make such obnoxious comments again as she has a following of people who can get influenced by her and that can create a havoc in the actual life and riots can occur because of such stupid comments that are being made by a person who has a huge following of influential people.

for such an influencer being so childish and without a doubt senseless many a times, this can be a big problem if she was allowed to be posting tweets on such a big platform as having a laptop at your house probably funded by the government and acting all cocky and childish at the same time which is a dangerous combination to have, it could have turned out to be a disaster as having people who are already pretty less aware of things and then you go on to influence them in such a way, this is an invitation to riots and a blunder could be lurking around if such people who don’t understand their responsibility are not questioned about their stupidity.

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