Home News Who Is Kamaliya Zahoor? Ukrainian Singer Age, Husband, Instagram, and, more!

Who Is Kamaliya Zahoor? Ukrainian Singer Age, Husband, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Kamaliya Zahoor? Ukrainian Singer Age, Husband, Instagram, and, more!: The whole world knows that it has been more than two months since the Ukraine and Russia wars. The has been taking place in a very difficult situation. Currently, a piece of news has been spreading on the internet that a Ukrainian singer got married to a Pakistani billionaire. It does not matter that the Ukrainians did marry to whom, it is important that who they marry take place in war. this topic is getting place during the war between Russia and Ukraine. So if you are also curious to know about the viral fact then this article is for you, here you will get each and single details which is related to Pakistan and Ukraine. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kamaliya Zahoor

Who Is Kamaliya Zahoor?

Ukrainian singer Kamaliya Zahoor who has been got married to a Pakistani billionaire has been placed in wor. as per the report, the Ukrainian singer declared that she and her husband want to help Ukraine against Russia, which has been begun last few months. As per the singer, his Pakistani billionaire husband and she wants to help Ukraine against Russia so that is why singer Kamaliy gave money to Ukraine for buying the new fighter jet plains.


Kamaliya Zahoor Husband

Kamaliya Zahoor is a singer from Ukraine and according to her husband who is a Pakistani helped Ukraine in the war. as per her, he is not only a billionaire from Pakistan but her husband Mohammad Zahoor is a former Publisher of Kyiv Post. He helped Ukraine, giving fighter jets in the war against the invasion by Russia. She told in an interview that her husband along with wealthy friends has decided to quietly help Ukraine in the fight against Russia. In the interview, she told that her husband recently helped Ukraine in the purchase of two fighter jets. These fighter jets would be helpful for the Ukraine Air Force in the war.

Kamaliya Zahoor Age and Instagram

Kamaliya told that her husband Mohammad gave her the green light to tell all things about her husband to the media. Because they hid these actions. According to the singer they have to fight hets to Ukraine and help Ukraine. Her husband is a Pakistan-born British businessman. Mohammad gets funds and evacuates refugees to the UK and other parts of Europe. Singer also said they are trying their best, but how could they help Ukraine more. They will be hoping that Ukraine would be the winner of the war and it will end soon. Singer also said that she is openly taking the side of Ukraine.

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