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Kabul Bombing Explosion Video: 60 Dead In Kabul Blasts, ‘We Will Not Forgive,’ Biden Says


There has been a blast at the Kabul Airport, ISIS has stated one of the suicide bombers targeted collaborations and translators when it comes to the American army, even the officials from the US have blamed the group for the bomb blast. This happened in Washington as ISIS went on to struck the crowded gates at Kabul airport which were suicide bomb attacks that took place on Thursday. the blast killed many civilians and about 13 US troops.

Kabul Bombing Explosion Video

Kabul Bombing Explosion Video

this has disrupted the airlift of tens of thousands of Afghans who are pretty desperate to flee, hours after the two blasts have taken place, there has been a third explosion which has been reported by the media and there have been many unconfirmed reports, there could be more blasts which have not been stated of as of yet.

It has been stated by Kabul health officials, about 60 civilians have been killed in the bomb blasts, there have been videos of many journalists who are in Afghan showing dozens of bodies which are around a canal which is on the edge of the airport, there have been two blasts which have rocked the whole area.

The American casualties have increased from 12 to 13 which happened on Thursday which has been stated by the US officials, the most US troops have been killed in Afghanistan which happened in a single incident as 30 personnel died after one of the helicopters was shot down in the year 2011.

it has been stated Biden that they are not going to forgive and they are not going to forget what has happened, they are going to hunt them down and they are going to make them pay, he stated this from the Televised comments which he gave from White House.

There has been a video which has shown corpses were in the canal which was at the fence of the airport, he saw there were body parts which were flying in the air, it was like a tornado blowing plastic bags, there were children, elderly men and women who were there too and many of them got blasted which is just tragic to hear, this has been stated by one of the Afghan who has been trying to reach the airport. the water which is flowing in the sewage canal has turned into blood.

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