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WATCH: Kabul Airport Chaos Video From Texas, Not Afghanistan Video Explained!


There is footage that is horrifying in every sense as people have been attempting to free Kabul which has spread online at the time when the Taliban entered the city. The clip has been shared by Twitter users which have been stated to come to from Afghanistan in which it is showing people running through the Kabul Airport. the clip has been posted by the user naming @uajalsingh, he stated in the caption, “where is the UN, why aren’t all nations coming together to help them. The hashtag which is used in the video is #kabulairport, the first video was having about 85,000 views, while the latter had about 33,000.

Kabul Airport Video Texas

Kabul Airport Video Texas Video Explained

It is being already seen by the world, there were scenes of chaos at the Kabul Airport from the people who were trying to leave Afghanistan, there were shocking videos of people who were captured falling from the plane as the people were clinging on to the plane in order to not to miss out on a chance to leave Afghanistan. The video which has been shown above is not the video which from Kabul airport, it is from Arlington in Texas in the year 2019, the video is showing people who were running into AT&T stadium which is the home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Kabul Airport Video Texas

The clip has been shared originally on Twitter by a user naming Jon Machota who sees the coverage of Dallas Texas Cowboys in the month of January dating to 5th in the year 2019. The video has captured the fans who were entering the stadium for a game which was between Seattle Seahawks and Cowboys. this was later retweeted by Sports Illustrated, they wrote, AT&T stadium looks like black Friday before the internet existed.

The footage has been viewed by 11 million people and is still being watched by the people, this is not the first video that has been taken out of context and is being stated to be footage from Kabul.

These kinds of faulty videos are being circulated on the internet in order to create false narratives and people need to be aware of such things as there are going to be many people who are not going to research about it and are going to believe what they are seeing and what is being stated in these faulty captions.

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  1. There was one specific video that was fake and from Texas, it was an inside view of people flooding a lobby. That is the only fake video not from Kabul and I don’t see the actual fake video on this website, the ones you are using with this story are true images of Kabul, wtf?


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