Who is Jyoti Prakash Behera? Minor Boy Swept Away In Flooded Drain At Bhubaneswar: There has been a body of a minor which has been found, the name of the boy is Jyoti Prakash Behera who was washed away on Sunday at Satabdi Nagar Bank colony in the open drain has been recovered from a bush at Panchsakha Nagar on Monday morning, it has still not been confirmed by the official sources about the identity of the deceased.

Jyoti Prakash Behera

Who is Jyoti Prakash Behera?

The body has been taken to Capital Hospital, there are going to be further details which are going to be furnished after the officials confirm the body of minor oy which has been suggested by the reports. It is also pertinent to mention, the 15-year-old boy has been swept away after he accidentally fell into an open drain.

The class 10th student is being identified as Jyoti Prakash Behera who hails from the Palamandap area of Barmunda in the capital city, it has been informed by the victim’s family to the media that he left home around 2:00 pm for his tuition stating he was going to collect Sanksrit notes from his teacher who is residing at Saubhagya Nagar lane-7.

While he was going through an open field when he was near his teacher’s house, Jyoti lost his balance on his bicycle due to the heavy current of rainfall and he fell into an open drain and soon he was swept away gushing through the drain, it is pretty saddening to see as to what has happened.

He was just an innocent kid who was living a regular life, he must be having so many dreams and aspirations which he won’t be able to fulfil, unfortunately, He was too young to lose his life in such a tragic accident, It seems like as of yet there has been no statement from the family about the whole situation, they must be in a devastating mode.

It is a request from our side to the users not to disturb the family of the person who has been demised recently, they must be requiring some personal space to cope up with the pain they must be feeling in these difficult times, the police are investigating the whole scenario in order to rule out all possibilities, our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased. He was a young soul and he was loved by the people who knew him.


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