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Just Say Yes Movie Released On OTT Netflix Review and Rating Star Cast, Storyline!


The most awaited movie “Just Say Yes” is scheduled to be released on 2 April 2021. It is a romantic-comedy-drama that will gonna amuse the audience with its content. The film is helmed by Appie Boudellah and Aram Van De Rest. The writing credit goes to Mustapha Boudellah.

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes Movie On Netflix

The cast of the film “Just Say Yes”:-

  • Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau
  • Jim Bakkum
  • Noortje Herlaar

Release date and streaming platform of the film “Just Say Yes”:-

The film is releasing on 2 April 2021 on the OTT Platform Netflix. And scheduled to be released at 1:30 pm IST. The audience of Belgium and the Netherland can watch the film at 10 am GMT+2. The film will be telecasted at 5 am in the morning in Suriname. While in the UK movie will be streamed at 8 am. For the American audience, the movie will be broadcast at 7 pm. In Spain, it is scheduled at 9 pm.

More about the forthcoming film Just Say Yes:-

Just Say yes is the v romantic comedy dreams in which we can see a girl Lotte is in love with a most handsome man who used to ditch her on the national television. But her heart gets broken as she is expecting a proposal from him. And this affects her emotionally, mentally, and socially. As her ditching Vidro gets viral on social media and takes channels. After this, her life gets affected and the reputation she used to carry has ruined.

Later she lives alone and gets dishearted. Her trust has been devasted and she can’t trust anyone anymore. She uses to live like a sensitive girl who doesn’t want to live anymore but has no guts to die.

The trailer of the film is two minutes 17 seconds long in which we can see how Lotte gets ditched by her lover on national television. We see a girl running in the white wedding gown with tears in her eyes. And we will also see happy she was but her expectation has been ruined. After this mishap, she uses to live her according to her. And the trailer is also consists of hilarious content which gonna makes the viewers laugh a lot.

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