Home News Jurong Point Robbery In Singapore: Maid Beat Up And Robbed Employer

Jurong Point Robbery In Singapore: Maid Beat Up And Robbed Employer


Jurong Point Robbery In Singapore: Maid Beat Up And Robbed Employer: A piece of shocking news is coming to the highlights straight from Singapore about a robbery. Yes, you read it right that an unexpected robbery happened recently, a foreign domestic worker robbed her employer of more than $37,000 in cash and valuables and the worker hit her head with a laptop until the device broke out. She also threatened the victim to kill her. The news of the robbery has left shocked everyone. The police investigation has been started already. This news has been circulating all over the world through the internet. In this article, we are going to give you all the details about the incident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jurong Point Robbery In Singapore

Jurong Point Robbery In Singapore

As per the sources, while looting her employer for over $37,000 in cash and valuables, a foreign domestic worker beat her up with a laptop until it broke out. Meanwhile, her 61 years old employer was bleeding from several parts of her body, especially her hands and head, the worker run away with her robbed amounts and things, and also purchased a flight ticket to go back home in Myanmar.

On 24 February (Thursday), 36 years old worker from Myanmar was= found guilty of one count of voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery. Another charge was of cheating by personation will be taken into consideration for her punishment. However, the names of the suspect and her employer are not revealed yet due to a gag order to protect the family of the victim.

According to the reports, the employer was sleeping in her bedroom on 20 January 2020 at around 10:30 am when she felt something sharp was placed on her neck. She awoke to search for her maid on the bed holding a kitchen knife, threatening to kill her unless she gave her valuables. During the struggle, the hands of the victim were cut off by the knife. The worker then used a laptop to beat her up who attempted to save herself by covering her head with her hands.

Jane Lim, the deputy public prosecutor said, “The victim pleaded with the accused not to harm her and told her that the key to her valuables was in a sling bag.” The worker then took the diamond ring of her employer and also removed her necklace with a pair of scissors. The cash and valuables she theft cost over $37,000. DPP Lim said that when the suspect was asked how to get to the airport, her employer told her to take the MRT. To get all the latest updates, bookmark our site now.

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