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Julien Baptiste Limp: Does Tchéky Karyo Have A Limp In Real Life


Baptiste is a spin-off series of the series that comes on BBC which is The Missing and that is starring that actor Tcheky Karyo who is playing the Julien Baptiste and it seems like that the drama has come back in the last two weeks on Sunday on 18th July and it seems like that they are going to pick up the show from where it has been left off, Kayro is going to be starring in the drama and this is going to be happening alongside killing Eve Star naming Fiona Shaw which is the British Ambassador naming Emma Chambers.

Julien Baptiste Limp

Julien Baptiste Limp

Baptiste appeared on the screens when he was one of the characters in the drama naming Missing, the series was starring Frances O’Connor and James Nesbitt which is about a boy who is 5 years old and who has gone missing as they were enjoying a holiday in France and then they approached Baptiste as the family requires his help to find their boy and the limp was something that he had from the start.

But there is an episode which is in season 1, specifically the sixth episode as he explained in that episode that what is the back story of the limp. He stated that he was attacked by a police officer who was dodgy as he was someone who was leaking some information about the case to the press.

He further stated that he was in the car at the time of the incident and he even tried to escape but he went on to put his right leg on the floor and it seems like that the officer was taking the advantage of this and he further stated that the door was being slammed again and again by Cooper and that damaged his leg to some extent which made him require a surgery.

and that is the reason for his limping which he briefly explained in the sixth episode of the first season and if you are interested in knowing the story through his words then you can definitely watch the show or the specific episode if you feel like recalling what the actor stated.

Does He Limp In Real Life

As he has never been seen in the series without limping, many of the fans have assumed that he also limps in his real life but that isn’t the case as he doesn’t limp in his real life as he has confirmed this by himself in an interview that he gave two years ago to The Times.

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