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Journalist Vinod Dua: Supreme Court Quashes Sedition Case Against Vinod Dua


Vinod Dua: A popularly known Veteran Journalist who has been alleged for the Sedition case. The case has been filed against him on 6 June 2021. The case has been filed against him by the police of Himachal Pradesh. During the show of Journalist, which was specially available on Youtube channel where he talked some casteist slur regarding the central government while the Government imposed the proper lockdown in view of the covid-19 situation in the country.

Journalist Vinod Dua

Journalist Vinod Dua Case Supreme Court Reaction

While the case against Dua was quashed by the court, the court denied accepting the demand of the Dua which was all about establishing a high-level committee in each state of the country which is usually charged against the journalist for the 10 years standing.

The sedition case against Dua:-

Dua has been speak some wrong words against the central government on his YouTube program in the “Vinod Dua Show”. After which the BJP party leader Mr. Ajay Shyam has been filed a complaint against him.

Here are some of the offenses charged on him:-

  • Sedition charge (Section 124A)
  • Public Nuisance (Section 268)
  • Printing Defamatory matter (section 501)
  • Public mischief (section 505)

Not only this he even charged for the Disaster Management Act, for spreading wrong and criticized words for the central government.

Content in the video of Dua:-

Dua’s video includes the criticism for the failure of the government of India which focuses on the announcement made by the government about imposing the lockdown.

while the lawyer of Dua, Mr. Vikas Singh has made a statement in which he has been said that his words were just the thought, whereas we must not count it as part of the complaint.

After few days when Delhi police lodged an FIR against Dua, on registering a complaint of Naveen Kumar, who has been accused by the journalist whereas the editors of India took a stand for him in their statements.

UU Lali and Vineet Saran, the justice Bench, quashed the case, noted that the judgment passed by Kedar Nath favored journalists.

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