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Who Is Journalist Andriy Dubchak, Ukraine Civilians Killed Footage Video On Twitter


Who Is Journalist Andriy Dubchak, Ukraine Civilians Killed Footage Video On Twitter: Twitter became a vital platform to make anything instantly viral. We watched several videos on this platform which pulled the attention of everyone. Out of these one video is currently making rounds all over the web. Journalist Andriy Dubchal uploaded a video of Russians attacking civilians in the country Ukraine as they try to run away from Irpin. Stick your eyes on this article and continue to read the article to learn more about the news. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Andriy Dubchak


Andriy Dubchak Video Explained

Andriy Dubchak, a freelance reporter who uploaded a video on Twitter, made everyone aware of the incident in Irpin that assassinated 8 people. The mother and her 2 kids who were assassinated are survived by her spouse, who was still in Donetsk at the time of their demise. He is now trying to make his way to Kyiv to bury his family. Everyone is shattered after watching the heartbreaking photo of Russians butchering innocent people on the street.

Who Is Andriy Dubchak? 

Andriy Dubchak is a freelance reporter for the outlet Donbas Frontliner who captured the moment the mortar struck the street of Ukrainian civilians. As per slate.com, he was working for the New York Times at that time. The attack assassinated 8 civilians, including the family. The mother who was assassinated in an incident is recognized as Tatiana Perebeinis. She was an IT worker who did not flee sooner as she was caring for her ailing mother.


The troops of Russia fired mortar shells at a bridge used by individuals fleeing the fighting in Irpin, which is located on the northwest outskirts of Kyiv. Perebeinis (43-years-old), her two kids Nikita (18-years-old), and Alise (9-years-old), and a man with whom they were traveling were assassinated at the time of an open fire. Hundreds of individuals have assembled around the bridge since Saturday.


The Ukrainian soldiers who were present were not fighting anyone, but rather assisting inhabitants with their luggage and children, as per the Times. What compelled the Russian troops to fire so heartlessly remains not known. The photo of the family lying dead on the pavement drew worldwide attention. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed to track down and assassinate “every scoundrel” responsible for their demise.

Andriy Dubchak, A Reporter Twitter Video Disclosed Killing Of Ukrainian Civilians 

Andriy Dubchak, a reporter posted a video on Twitter about the assassinating of Ukrainian civilians by Russians. The video showcased a heartbreaking moment when Mortar struck a family running away Irpin. In the video, a man talking to the foreground while civilians walked on the sidewalk in the background.

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