Home News Is Jorginho Arrested? Why is Jorginho Arrested trending on Twitter?

Is Jorginho Arrested? Why is Jorginho Arrested trending on Twitter?


Is Jorginho Arrested? Why is Jorginho Arrested trending on Twitter? There are rumors which are floating on the internet about Jorginho, it is being stated that the player has been arrested and many of the people are trying to figure out if this speculation is true or not and we are here to be your savior. As the ballon d’Or nominees are being revealed this week, there has been a lot of attention that has shifted towards the top contender for the greatest prize of them all. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jorginho Arrested

Who is Jorginho?

He is the Chelsea midfielder and he has had a fantastic season in the club as the team won the UEFA Champions League with the London club, the holding midfielder has also been the recipient of the Euro 2020 gold medal as Italy beat England in the penalties which happened in the finals.

Is Jorginho Arrested?

There has been no official news that suggests the arrest of the player, he has not been arrested, these are all just rumors and baseless speculations, there are a lot of users who are talking about the arrest and are claiming that he is in jail, such rumors are not confirmed as of now.

It has been further observed, many of these rumors are a part of internet jokes and memes, this is probably one of them as many people believe that it was a robbery when the player received the UEFA Player of the year award in the month of August. We are confirming that he has not been arrested, he played in Italy’s win over Belgium which is for the Nations League third-place game.

Why is Jorginho Arrested trending on twitter?

The 29-year-old is going to be returning to England to train with Chelsea in the next couple of days.

It is our advice to the users, not to believe anything which they see on the internet as most of the material which is on the internet are just rumors and speculations which people do to gain some views out of it and this will keep on happening until the users don’t stop believing in such rumors. There has been no statement from the player as of now.

We will update you further if there are going to be any kind of updates regarding the story, as of now it has been confirmed that he is not in jail and he is no kind of trouble, this has been just rumors and speculations.

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