Home Entertainment Is Jordan McCann Dead or Alive? Rapper Death Rumours Hoax Explained!

Is Jordan McCann Dead or Alive? Rapper Death Rumours Hoax Explained!


Is Jordan McCann Dead or Alive? Rapper Death Rumours Hoax Explained: There are fake reports which are coming up on social media which are suggesting about the rapper by the name of Jordan McCann has died, his sister has confirmed the rumours and she has confirmed that all of them are false. It doesn’t take too much time before fake reports get stretched.

Jordan McCann

Is Jordan McCann Dead or Alive?

It is our advice to all of the users not to believe in fake reports, there are many articles which are trying to spread fake rumours just to milk some views out of it in order to earn some money, this is really sad that the industry of media has such people, they are willing to show someone dead just to show some propaganda which is going to benefit them.

Jordan McCann Dead is Fake?

In the case of Jordan McCann, he started to trending when there was a report which claimed that he has died, but the Manchester-based rapper and Youtube star has become the victim of a death hoax and he is all well and fine, it has been confirmed by his family on Facebook.

Jordan McCann

He started raising to fame as an artist after he spend his time in jail after he got a civil injunction in the year 2016, there were 10 other people in the police crackdown, the rapper made headlines earlier in the summer when there was footage of him fighting with fast-food security which emerged on social media.

Jordan has an Instagram account naming @jordanmccann2020 where he has about 212 K followers as we are writing this article. It has been confirmed by Amy McCann who is his sister, the rumours about the rapper who are coming are completely fake and he is very much alive.


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She has stated “thanks for all the concern which is being shown by the people but her brother is alive, she stated on a Facebook page, “sorry to all the people this news hurts but he is well living and alive at this point in time. She further stated goat is very much still alive and he is coming to a stage near you pretty soon.


His cousin has also slammed the fake speculation which is being flowed all over the internet, he has stated these are all lies, all of you out there need to take this down, why is it even out there, he is his cousin and he is not dead. He got really frustrated and it was justified as the things which they have faced because of this are just disgusting.

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