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Who Is Jon Selke, Purdue cop Viral Video With Adonis Tuggle


Who Is Jon Selke, Purdue cop Viral Video With Adonis Tuggle: An officer has seen on camera pinning a black student Adonis Truggle and forcibly choking him on the ground. let us find the complete detail is given below. West Lafayette, Indiana: In Purdue University Campus a police officer named Jon Selke has seen the choked throat of a black student with his elbow on the ground forcibly. The student named Adonis Truggle was totally laying on the floor supportless and totally gripped in the officer’s hands. this full incident was captured on University Campus’s camera. After watching the video clip Jon Selke has been sent on administrative leave after an arrest video of a 24-year-old black student bulling. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jon Selke

Who Is Jon Selke?

Jon Selke has been seen using excessive force on the student in the video clip. in the video, it clearly hearing that the student was begging him to leave but he did not listen to him. however, he fails to listen and threatens to tase a female student instead. while other students trying to stop him. This incident happened on the college campus on February 4 when spike responded to a report of a suspected assault on a woman. However, it was cleared after some time that the Truggle was fully innocent and he was falsely suspected by the officer.

What did the University president say about the incident on the college campus?

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels said, ”there is no subject take seriously in the University rather than Campus safety, student well-being, and proper police conduct. On Friday evening February 4, police received a bystander report of a suspected assault on a woman on the college campus. so an office came in the campus knowing the truth.

officer misunderstood the situation and suspected a black student and started beating him forcibly without listening to him. Because of body complexion who can an office react like this. it is totally intolerable. meanwhile, Tuggle, who was beaten by the office shared his ordeal on Instagram. He claimed that officer Selke ‘punched me repeatedly, elbowed me in the face, smothered my elbow while having me pinned to the ground the entire time. he pleaded to everyone to help him out of this.

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