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John Welles: Death Arcadia Fl Murder Case On Counter Clock Podcast


John Welles: Death Arcadia Fl Murder Case On Counter Clock Podcast: Once there was a murder case that was reported back in 2003 but the investigation went cold as the day passed. Now after nearly 20 years later that case took a new turn and came into the media’s limelight once again. In 2003 a minor boy was found dead and that guy was identified as John Welles. According to the reports, this was a homicide case but the investigator could manage to find any lead in this case recently this case took a new turn and shot to prominence once again. Meanwhile, if you are scrounging web pages for the same topic then you are at the right place. In this article, we have talked about every important aspect of this case. So keep reading this article and must take a look at all the below placed particulars. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

John Welles

Who Is John Welles?

Over the years the murder case of John Welles went cold. But season four of the podcast titled The Counter-Clock has unfolded the pages of this case after twenty years. John Welles’s homicide case is being investigated by Della D’Ambra who is re-examining and following reports and circumstances surrounding the murder of John Welles. First of all, we tell you who was John Welles? To fetch the personal information of the victim you have to look at the following particular.

John Welles was a 17 years old boy when he was killed on 8th July 2003. Moreover, he was born in Arcadia and also died in Arcadia. He used to go to Lee County’s Alva Elementary School. He had also enrolled in the DeSoto Gigh School. He was also recognizable being a member of the Fort Ogden Methodist Church. Now his case is being discussed on the Counter-Clock True Crime Podcast show. Kindly look at the next section to learn more about John Welles and his case.

According to the reports, the Desoto County Sheriffs also registered John Welles’s family members’ testimonies to reach the conclusion of his murder case. After 19 years Counter-Clock’s 15 episodes are all set to unveil the reality. The corpse of John Welles was discovered in a rural region of South Florida. His corpse was found in a swampy ditch. Moreover, it was also reported that John Welles was shot to death from behind as his skull was discovered with bullet wounds. In the most recent episode of the podcast, the audience might get the information about John Welles’s killer.

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