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Who is John Tame? Man’s Extraordinary Bush Survival Tale After Fall Near Nelson


Who is John Tame? Man’s Extraordinary Bush Survival Tale After Fall Near Nelson: John Tame has been saved on time by the Locator Becan, it was midday while he was all set to the Boulder Lake Hut- while he is so sure to be admitted that he was mistaken. It was of the month of July on Friday, a many were ready to be set off to take a walk in the Kahurangi National Park. This was the overnight walk for him, but this changed into the two-night tramp for Tame. He was ended up being winched.

John Tame

Who is John Tame?

The personal locator beacon was on time to rescue him with the help of the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter. So if we talk about the route of Boulder Lake it takes almost between there 8 to 10 hours, and also filled up with crossing farmland, a climb up, and a Brown Cow Ridge, and finally a down in the valley by a lake. But Tame took more time to cover it. When he started a climb all was good but then it took him time more than expectations.

Tame given a statement and he told that, “I was so difficult to finds away and as the routes seemed so confusing to me. And missing a route took me time and wasted my energy. I even faced the water suppliers as I had left up with limited water. Then I had to cross the main ridge which was all jammed up with snow. There was under my foot but I was unable to see any orange makers.”

John Tame

then he saw a hut and thought to keep moving forward to it, so he continues a tramp, even of being lost his map and was also facing several other problems during a track. He further says that “I was trying my best to cross a bluff in the dark night and then I suddenly fell down into a blackness.” And this injured him so bad.

On the next day, he saw a ray of hope that now he can be saved as he saw a convoy after which he tried hard to cover a distance towards him. A convoy with his family and some farmers but it was nothing and just his hallucinations which bought ti his hypothermia. Then he managed to be crawl into the “igloo” then he finally got a good sleep. But the next morning he realized that there is no igloo and nothing which seemed to him real.

His family has started a search for him, and finally, he was saved by a beacon and rescue helicopter. After coming back from a tack he has been spent three days n a hospital for his treatment and injuries.

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