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John Finch Death Reason: Hi-Rez Studio CEO John Finch passes away at 28


The CEO of Hi-Rez Studio, Stewart Chisam, has been confirmed the death news of the most profound caster “John Finch”, on 25th May 2021. John left the world on May 20th, 2021, Thursday. Other members of the studio are in grief and they were most devasted after getting the saddest news of John’s passed away.

John Finch

John Finch Death Reason

While Chisam also declared and exclaimed that, Hi-Rez Studio doesn’t have any further information regarding his death, and he also mentioned requesting the community to let his friends and family take time and space to heal their loss.

His family and friends are going through a most devastating time as this is the biggest loss for them. He was the most loving for his friends and family.

In the addition, Chisam also stated that the SMITE community will be going to be pay tribute to his legacy and contributions to Hi-Rez Studio. John was the staple of this community and heading as the Caster, Hi-Rez was organized the SMITE Casting battle. Finch was performed in the competition and he made his full efforts and he proved himself, this he became the caster and best candidate for the casting job for the community and Hi-Rez.

SMITE Community tribute fro Finch:- 

Finch is the biggest loss for the SMITE community and they come up to express and give tribute. They have been expressed their condolences in the unique way of his loss. They have announced that Finch was the irreplaceable candidate for the gaming industry and he was a pro of the casting team.

Few Tweets on Finch loss:-

SMITEPRO wrote, “We are in huge grief as one the most pro and capable remember of our community, We are in [biggest loss has we have lost John Finch and ‘he will be highly missed.”

Kelly Link tweeted, “This s devastating, John was the kindest hearted and caring man. He had the ability to lighten up any communication. He will be missed, Rest In Peace.”

@eUnited Group tweeted from their official Twitter account, “Condolences to John’s family and the SMITE community, we are at a great loss.”

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