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Who is John Defazio? NY Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity


Who is John Defazio? NY Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity: The case is from New York from one of the schools naming Geneva Middle School, NY teacher John DeFazio has been arrested for an inappropriate encounter with kids, and today we are going to be discussing his charges and crimes. John DeFazio left Rochester School District on 12th May 2021. He was delegated as the Principal to the Geneva Middle School of New York and following his six months into handling the post, he has left the post vacant and he was on leave following an allegation, later it was found out, he was being accused of getting involved inappropriately with an under 17 kid in his school. The accident has been reported on 5th October 2021, the school committee got alerted about the scenario and there has been a minor investigation which was launched by the police. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

John Defazio

Who is John Defazio?

He was the principal of Geneva Middle School which is located in New York, he got arrested on 28th October 2021, after he was found guilty when it comes to disrupting the welfare of a child, John was being investigated for his improper addressing for a 17-year-old which has first surfaced from the victim’s side. He was immediately put in to leave after the investigation, later the arrest was made, he was indicted with a child abuse charge, he was recently associated with the State University of New York College at Brockport, he was serving there for nine years at the Rochester School, NY.

NY Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Activity

He was having a bachelor’s degree and a Masters Leadership Degree from both the State University of New York College of Brockport and was based in Rochester New York for his work, John was taken into custody after he was indicted for the crime who was found to be accurate, the entire school faculty shunned his immortal character. He is in his early 40s, he was an experienced social studies teacher, he earned his Master’s degree in Social Studies from St.John Fisher College, he later went on to join Brockport college for his secondary Mater’s Degree in Leadership. DeFazio was involved in an immoral activity with a kid under 17 in his recent stationed school in Geneva.

John Defazio Allegations

The crime is being stated to happen on 5th October, had some serious implications and the case got resolved with John’s arrest on 28th October 2021, he got arrested on Thursday, he was admitted to a latent leave period just six months into his posting. It seems like he is in trouble and now it is going to be in the hands of the court to decide his fate, there are going to be further revelations in the story and we are going to be telling about the further developments in the coming days and weeks.

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