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Who is John Barilaro Wife Deanna Barilaro? John Barilaro and wife Deanna Barilaro have separated


Who is John Barilaro Wife Deanna Barilaro? Age, Daughter, Instagram, Net Worth: Home and Away Sam Frost has come out with a video in which she has stated that she is not vaccinated, stated through an emotional video, John Barilaro Wife Deanna Barilaro, the actress is at the age of 32, she has called for fewer judgments when it comes to Australia’s unvaccinated population and she admitted that her mental health has seen a struggle as a result. Follow More Update On Get India News

Deanna Barilaro

Who is John Barilaro Wife Deanna Barilaro?

She further stated she was really hesitant about doing a video or even speaking about this sort of thing but it seems like it is getting to a point where the world is seeing a lot of segregation, she stated there has been a lot of harsh judgments and opinions which are being thrown and it is taking a toll on her mental health.

Who is John Barilaro Wife Deanna Barilaro? John Barilaro and wife Deanna Barilaro have separated

She stated there are a lot of people who are struggling around her, she stated there are different reasons for people not getting vaccinated and it is probably because of their medical history, they might some kind of history in their family and it could be religious reasons, Sam has shared that she has not been vaccinated.

She has further clarified that she has not been vaccinated, she also clarified to a medical doctor and as well as her psychologist about her decision, she broke down in tears and stated, it is really hard to be in society right now and you feel less of a human and it feels like as if people are just judging you constantly.

It seems like people are too scared to talk about their feelings and opinion, she stated it is not anyone’s business to question her for not getting vaccinated, it is her choice and she doesn’t owe an explanation to anyone as to why she is not getting vaccinated and she further stated that she doesn’t want anyone to judge her.

She further stated, she is struggling a lot with her mental health, she stated she has been seeing a psychologist regularly so she cannot imagine what it’s like for people who do not have a support system around them. She then went on to call out the country’s leadership and she made a call for employers to show some support for their unvaccinated workers.

She stated she wishes that there are more people in the world who would make us feel less alone, it is going to remain unclear as of now as to how this is going to affect her role on Home and Away.

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