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Joel Rodriguez Car Accident: 17-year-old killed in Bay Shore crash


Joel Rodriguez Car Accident: 17-year-old killed in Bay Shore crash: A most terrible car crash took place which is made the enter the city in a panic as it was so horrible that the driver is no more. It was a single-car crash. Accidents are increasing date by delay and its so upsetting to write such news as we have to write at least a single-car accident news daily. As per the data recovered last month, there was numerous death due to road accidents. There are several reasons for the car crash and we must have to follow the safety measures. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Joel Rodriguez Car Accident

Joel Rodriguez Car Accident

So the main reason is our high speed, thus our life is in our hands only so we must keep our speed in a way that we can able to handle it.  It was a single-car crash in which a Bay Shore teen has been last his life. He is no more as he lost his life on the spot. This took place on Monday at the midnight. So now the question is how it has occurred? It might have been occurred due to the high speed. After this, the car was flipped at my time. The boy who lost his life in this was just 17 years old. And he was at his high speed which led to control of teg vehicle and resulted in a horrible accident.

He was at the Q50 headed east on Pine Aire Driven in Bay Shore and it is near Taylor Avenue and when he lost his control it crossed the Westbound lane after this his car left the road as t was flipped and then hit a pole after this almost around 12:30 am it was overturned.  This has been told by the police as they were deeply investigated the whole incident.

A bit who lost him was Joel Rodriguez, and he died at the spot. Later the emergency services were reached there and took him to the nearby hospitals South Shore University. But the doctors announced him dead. And the police informed him of his family. Where he was going? is still not clear yet. Whether he was drunk or not is also a secret.

To know more on the same stay tuned to us as the investigation reports are yet to be unveiled.

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