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How many followers does Joe Rogan have on Spotify? Controversy explained


How many followers does Joe Rogan have on Spotify? Controversy explained: Joe Rogan has been making the headlines nowadays ever since his songs were removed from Spotify. Yes, you read it right that Joe Rogan’s songs have been removed from Spotify after Neil Young’s request over Rogan’s content on the platform. Joe Rogan is a famous podcaster, comedian, actor, and Ultimate Fighting Championship. Recently, he became a center of attraction when his songs were removed from Spotify at the request of Neil Young, a Canadian-American singer. Many people have been searching to know the whole matter between both the artists. Through this article, you will get all the information about the matter. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

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How many followers does Joe Rogan have on Spotify?

Earlier this week, Neil Young published a letter addressing Spotify on his website. After an open letter by Neil Young to Spotify on the content of Joe Rogan on the platform, the streaming giant removed Rogan’s songs immediately after his request. However, the letter has been deleted now on his website. Neil gave the platform an ultimatum to select between podcast and his catalog. In the letter, the singer said they can have only one among Rogan or Young, not both.

He added that the reason behind his ultimatum to Spotify from the organization’s inability to control the Covid misinformation. The record label of the singer named Warner Music formally sought to remove his songs from Spotify. He also mentioned a lack of misinformation policies of Spotify from medical professionals’ recent letter, concerning programming such as the JRE. He wrote, “I realized I could not continue to support SPOTIFY’s life-threatening misinformation to the music-loving public.”

Almost 27 medical professionals signed the open letter published by Neil Young in which Rogan was criticized for his podcast for circulating misinformation in early January. They also requested Spotify to get proper misinformation policies. Ever since Rogan has signed the deal with Spotify for unique rights to broadcast his JRE podcast, Rogan has been involved in several controversial mostly related to Covid misinformation.

In an episode of his podcast in April 2021, he said that he thinks for the most part it is safe to get vaccinated. But if someone is 21 years old and he asks him if he should get vaccinated? then he would say no to him. However, Spotify hasn’t disclosed how many people are subscribed to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, but it has been speculated that it is around 7 to 10 million. His podcast receives around 11 million streams per episode. Bookmark our site to catch the latest updates.

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