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Joe Biden Dog Champ Death Reason: Joe and Jill Biden ‘Beloved’ Dog Champ Dies at Age 13


The elder dog of Joe Biden naming champ who was a German Shepherd has died at the age of 13 years and he was a shelter dog who is the one and only shelter dog who lived in the White House, he was one of the pet dogs of Joe Biden and the dog has died on Saturday on19th June, it has been stated by the president that he has been a cherished companion for him and his family for the longest time which was a joint statement of the president and the first lady and the statement has been released in the briefing room in the White House.

Joe Biden Dog Champ Death Reason

Joe Biden Dog Champ Death Reason

The other German Shepherd of the president naming Major has also entered the White House and he is going to be staying there with the family and it seems like that the President is very fond of his dogs as they are his family and that is the reason that they are going to be staying with him, Major was brought in to be the companion of the champ whois elderly to him but it seems like that they were together for some time and now Major is likely going to miss his companion, Major has been living with Biden since 2008 when he was the vice-president under Barack Obama.

The details of the cause of his death are not out yet but according to the assumptions, it is being assumed that he has died because of old age as the life of an average German is around 9 and 13 years, Biden has also stated that even in his last days he used to greet them and he used to be active whenever he used to see them as he used wag up his tail and be pretty responsive even when he was suffering from being old.

And that just shows that having a dog is something that can change your life around as you have someone to live for if you have no one to go home to, dogs are the best companions even when you are struggling with depression, they can make you responsible as you are going to take care of your dog, it seems like that dogs are the best when it comes to making someone happy and that is what champ did all over the years and may his soul rest in peace.

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