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JLS’ Beat Again setlist: Group Arrive In Newcastle For First Of Two Utilita Arena Shows


JLS’ Beat Again setlist: It seems like pandemic was the reason which was holding off these beautiful events and festivals from happening, it seems like JLS’ Beat Again tour is finally going to happen and it is going to be arriving in New Castle on Friday night, a huge crowd is being expected at the Utilita Arena to see Aston, Marvin, JB and Ortisei who are going to return to the Tyneside for the first in eight years. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

JLS' Beat Again setlist

JLS’ Beat Again setlist

JLS was set on their path to greatness when they finished off second to Alexandra Burke on the X factor in the year 2008, it threw them straight to number one with their debut single ‘Beat Again’, ‘she makes me wanna’ and ‘love you more, they became the fan favorite in no time and their first albu7m became a multiplatinum hit which is unheard of.

There are going to be limited tickets for both of the shows which are going to be happening on Friday and the gig on 6th November in Newcastle which is available right now online on Ticketmaster. The lads have kicked off their Beat Again tour in Glasgow having two shows earlier this week and this is going to be their setlist:

  • She Makes Me Wanna
  • Eternal Love
  • Beat Again
  • Only Making Love
  • I Know What She Likes
  • Better for You
  • Close to You
  • If I Ever
  • The Club Is Alive
  • Do You Feel What I Feel
  • One-Shot
  • Proud
  • Everybody in Love

It seems like the tour is going to entertain the people in an enormous way, they are coming back after the pandemic, the band is motivated, the people are motivated and the organizers are pushing the event to its limit, this is going to be one hell of a tour and the people who are thinking ti got tho the event need to come to a decision fast as the tickets are going to run out in no time for the event.

We are going to be coming up with further details about the event as the tour goes on, we are going to be reviewing how the tour went and what were the highlights of the tour. They are an amazing group of people who have made their career through sheer hard work and who have been honest all these years with the fans who have made them this successful.

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