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J&K Police Arrested 3 LeT Terrorists with 100 Crore worth Heroin & 1 Crore Cash


The reports are coming straight from the J&K valley where the Handwara Police not just arrested even busted a huge Pakistan-sponsored narco-terror module and they have found three terrorists who are linked to the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). Sources are saying that these three people were not empty-handed as they had around 100 CR worth Heroin.

The Superintendent of Police Handwara, GV Sundeep Chakravarthy, said, “The arrested persons were in touch with their Pakistan handlers. 21 kg heroin, Indian currency with the value of Rs 1.34 crore were seized from their possession,” Also, he added, “The three have been identified. The main accused is Iftikhar Indrabi, a notorious drug smuggler who has several FIRs registered against him. The second man is his son-in-law Momin Peer and the third is Iqbal-ul-Islam. More arrests are going to take place in this module.”

J&K Police Arrested 3 LeT Terrorists

This whole mission was a setup of the Police department of J&K. The reports are suggesting that the members of the narco-terror module have been arrested in the whole thing and these three were peddling drugs to financially help the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists’ camps or groups. Reports are coming that three terrorists who were arrested have caused a lot of trouble for the local people and police department.

It is good news that the very big hawala racket has come out due to this arrest and the police now could arrest more people who are connected to this whole “financed for terrorist activities” thing”. The police have collected around 21 kg of high-quality heroin. Also, the police recovered Rs 1.34 crore and a cash-counting machine from the place of these terrorists. Overall, it was great action from the J&K Police and we thank them for their service or arrest they did for the peace in the valley.

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