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Jimmy Gathu: Actor opens up on struggles of losing a job


Who Is Jimmy Gathu? Actor opens up on struggles of losing a job: Recently, Jimmy Gathu who was a radio presenter and a TV personality has shared the incident on social media and how his life has been changed when he lost his job. He lost his job in the year 2016 and he has to depend on himself and on the other income sources. He is a radio presenter, the journalist confessed that a section of his friends used to make fun of him when he reached out to them for help. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jimmy Gathu

Who Is Jimmy Gathu?

He added that at times people are only drawn to you simply because of what you can offer to them. I was declared redundant in 2016 at the height of my game, let me tell you some people are drawn because of what you can give them so once what you can give them disappears you become less useful, he says. The radio presenter’s life was going well and many people appreciated his work.

Jimmy Gathu

His work told how great he was when it comes to working. Those who knew him personally, know his personal life and professional life were going well. Recently, he shared an incident with the users where Gathu woke up at 4:30 in the morning and he goes to work at 8:30. When he was going to the job, he kissed the kids on their forehead and said goodbye to them. He told to his wife that he was going to work at 8:30 am that morning because he didn’t have a job. It was so difficult for him to say lie in front of his wife.

Jimmy Gathu opens up on struggles of losing a job

He also claimed that he had to shave his head bald because of the grey hair which was now growing all over the world. He was jobless for close to six years and reminded those at the top to always be humble as things can always change without notice. However, Gathu joined Standard Media Group where he worked and make a small living.

But he never told to his wife because he want to make things in private. He doesn’t feel comfortable sharing the truth. If he shares it, then he feels ashamed in his eyes of him as well as in the eyes of his wife.  As of now, we have this much information, if something would come then we definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.

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