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Jesus Mary & Joseph Memes Viral On Social Media Hilarious Quotes Trolls Jokes


Line of duty is a British show which is a thriller series about the police department, the series has been created by Jed Mercurio and has also been written by him, it has been directed by David Caffrey, Douglas Mackinnon, Daniel Nettheim, Michael Keillor,  John Strickland, Jed Mercurio, Sue Tully, the music for the series has been given by Carly Paradis, the series has been running since 2012 and has been broadcasted on BBC since then, the movie has 4.1 million viewers who watch the show on a regular basis.Jesus, Mary and Joseph' meme explained: Line of Duty fans in stitches over  hilarious quote!

The show’s latest episode has been a topic of debate for many of the people as the episode has been trending on twitter and has become a viral meme and the people who are not aware about the show are seem to be really confused and we will try our best to explain you the chronology of the meme.

The episode is the new trending thing on the internet which has been a good boost for the series and the makers are aware of the fact that their show is getting more popularity because of the show and the meme of Jesus, Mary and Joseph have been explained by us.


The newest episode of the Line of Duty is surely going down as one of the most talk about episodes in the history of series. The character played by Kelly Macdonald of Joanne Davidson was being interviewed in the episode by Ted Hastings who is being played by Adrian Dunbar as he gave the classic answer which is “no comment” to one of his questions that were being asked by him to which he replied and i quote “Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey” and the fans of the show and many other people have found this to be really hilarious and are making the scene trend on the internet.

The people on the internet have been crushing on this dialogue of Ted Hating and have been making it trend since the episode came out and many people have been saying on the internet that this is the best line that they have heard and will down as the best line in the history of the shows and when you will watch the scene by yourself then you will really understand why people are obsessing over such a dialogue.

It seems like the show is getting some new viewers who will be watching the show as many people new about the show in the British community but now the whole world is aware about the show as it has been trending like crazy on the social media and the makers are pretty happy that this is happening as they are fully aware that getting this kind of attention for the show is going to help the show to gather more viewership.

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