Home News Jerry Remy Funeral: When and Where is Happening Jerry Remy Funeral?

Jerry Remy Funeral: When and Where is Happening Jerry Remy Funeral?


Jerry Remy Funeral: When and Where is Happening Jerry Remy Funeral?: The news is coming from Boston, there has been a sad demise of Jerry Remy who is a Boston Red Sox Second Baseman who was the one to become a local icon as a television broadcaster, it seems like he has died because of cancer, he has died at the age of 68, the news has been confirmed by the Red Sox. He has died on Saturday night, he had a long and public struggle when it comes to lung cancer, he was the reason behind the thunderous applause at Fenway Park when we talk about this month, it happened when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch at one of the play-offs game while he was using an oxygen tube. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jerry Remy Funeral

Jerry Remy Funeral

Remy has been a former smoker who has had a years-long battle with lung cancer, he even underwent surgery for the disease in the month of November in the year 2008, his struggle with the illness has been well known for baseball fans, the support from the Red Sox has helped him when he underwent treatments which happened over many years, this has been told by him in one of the interviews in the year 2018. He stated in the interview at the time, it is pretty amazing the impact that you can have when you have been around for 31 years, especially the fans of Red Sox who have been welcoming him into their home for so long, it is a nice feeling for him, he is happy that they care about him.

When and Where is Happening Jerry Remy Funeral

He spent his 10 seasons in the majors, the first three he spent with the California angels and the last seven he spent with Boston, he got retired after the Red Sox released him on 10th December in the year 1985, Remy hit .275 with seven homers and 329 RBIs in 1,154 games.

He was a true legend of the sport and it is said that he has lost his battle with cancer and he is no more with all of us, he has devoted his entire career to baseball, he was someone who has seen the growth of the club over so many years of being close to the club, he has had a huge impact on the team and the coaches as his advice was respected around the club.

He was a true legend and the fans seem to be pouring out their love for the man who has given the club so much and who has always thought for the betterment of the club all these years, our thoughts and prayers are going to be with the friends and family of the deceased, may his soul rest in peace.

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