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Jeopardy Guest Host Ratings 2021: ‘Jeopardy’ Fans Shocked at the Ratings After Mayim Bialik Guest Hosted


All of the ratings are in for of the episodes of Jeopardy and the rating are of the guest hosts who have come on the show so far and the numbers and ratings are going to shock many of the people who are a big fan of Mayim Bialik, there have been nine celebrities hosts and it can be 10 if you are also going to include Savannah Guthrie as she has been manning until 25th June and it seems like that there are many ratings that are being thrown on the internet in different outlets as all of them have had their chance to host the beloved show which is all about the quiz.

Jeopardy Guest Host Ratings

Jeopardy Guest Host Ratings 2021

There are going to be many people who will not be surprised at what they are going to see when they see the rating which is featuring all of the celebrity hosts that featured in the popular quiz show, the one and only Ken Jennings who is a champion and a true legend is the one who has managed to land on the top of the list and many of the people are going to be surprised seeing Mayim as he received endless praise for the performance of her as social media went on to appreciate her brilliancy but it seems like that he is at the bottom if the list and here is the list which is according to the rating that has been given by the people on the internet.

  • Ken Jennings- 6
  • Mike Riichards- 5.9
  • Aaron Rodgers- 5.6
  • Katie Courie- 5.5
  • Bill Whitaker- 5.2
  • Buss Cohen- 5.1
  • Dr.Oz- 5.1
  • Anderson Cooper- 5.0
  • Mayim Bialik- 4.9

Now it could be that many of the people are going to think that these ratings are not fair but the truth is that this is what the internet is stating and it needs to be realized that these numbers are not even close to perfect as there are man factors and that too outside factors that are determining this list of rating and the things that can be included in this are breaking news, warmer summer weather, media coverage, breaking news events and many other different factors that may have skewed the ratings that are being mentioned above and these ratings are just numbers.

Many people would think that this is not the right rating but that is going to happen as these are going to be affected by so many countless factors that determining the perfect rating list is next to impossible.

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