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Who Is Jeanick Fournier? Meet Canada Got Talent Golden Buzzer Winner Jeanick Fournier


Who Is Jeanick Fournier? Meet Canada Got Talent Golden Buzzer Winner Jeanick Fournier: Jeanick Fournier is the name that is trending on social media since she has been honored with the golden buzzer on Canada’s Got Talent. She has managed to drop everybody’s jaw after delivering an amazing performance on the stage of Canada’s Got Talent. The audience was on its feet after seeing her performance. Here are a lot of things to know about the recipient of the golden buzzer in this article. So be sticky with us for a while and take a peek at the sections of this article that are filled with the imperative reading stuff written on Jeanick Fournier. Scroll down the screen and start knowing about her from the next section of this story. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Canada Got Talent Golden Buzzer

Who Is Jeanick Fournier?

The host of the show Lindsay Ell handed her the golden buzzer. Jeanick Fournier is hugely inspired by Celine Dion and she had come a long way to become a famous face on Canada’s Got Talent stage from singing at the piano bars. She is a 49 years of age lady who is surprising everyone with her talent on the stage of the show. She does not have a history of performing on such big stages. She used to sing at family restaurants and piano bars. Keep reading this article to get more about her.

Canada Got Talent Golden Buzzer Jeanick Fournier

At first, nobody had thought she could win the golden buzzer as she is an old lady who has come a long way to reach this landmark in her life. As mentioned she only sang leisurely for family and bars. But she definitely stood against the expectations of the audience as she took the stage with poise and left an impact on everybody who watched her performance on the show. We have extracted some previous records of the winner of the golden buzzer. Read about her previous experiences and some personal data as well in the following section.

Currently, she is 49 years of age, and she is a mother of two children and both are suffering from down’s syndrome. She said if she managed to win this show then she will flourish a better life for them. Jeanick Fournier is a resident of Chicoutimi, Quebec and she is singing since she was seven years of age. She used to sing in church and she used to perform with the toothbrush for her family. Currently, she serves as a palliative care attendant.

Popular reality star Canada’s Got Talent is one of the top TV reality shows where dancers, elite performers, and singers get an opportunity to show their act and win the judges, and proceed to the next round. Only a few and very rare cases exist when a performer enthralls the heart of a whole stadium of audience and made a subline golden moment. To honor her special presence up on the stage, the judges agreed to decorate the sweet fragrance of that moment with lace and a drape of gold, thus to golden buzzer was pressed to the stupefaction of everyone.

Who Is Jeanick Fournier From Canada’s Got Talent?

Jeanick Fournier is a 49 years old talented singer, mother, performer, and palliative care beneficiary attendant who lives in Chicoutimi of Quebec. She has triumphed a golden buzzer in Canada’s Got Talent’s recent episode to qualify her for the next rounds. Jeanick covered the tough song of a Canadian singer named Celine Dion’s “I Surrender”.

It is a complete tale when one listens about how Jeanick Fournier retained her verbal speeches and singing melodies. She raised up viewing and listening to her singer idols such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Lara Fabien and she learned her basic English and pronunciation from the same.

She still depicts a common speaking and spelling style to these singers according to her own report.

Discover Jeanick Fournier On Instagram

Melodious or talented singer and Canada’s Got Talent golden buzzer winner Jeanick Fournier is available on the Instagram platform via her profile “jeanick_fournier”. Her profile has around 118 posts and 1024 followers while 602 are on her following list. Apart from this, Her bio also has a direct link to her website called jeanickfournier.com where she has listed reasonable housekeeping price checklists.

Explore The Family Information Of Jeanick Fournier 

Jeanick Fournier lives with her spouse and 2 children according to some reports but her exact family details have not been known. She was precipitated with the golden star bags of dust from a golden shower by none other than the popular show host  Lindsay Ell. People are enjoying her voice on the show and praising her.

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