CBA league is back with a bang as the very highly anticipated match of the season is here which is between Jiangsu Dragons and Jili Northeast Tigers is taking place on 12th April 2021 which is today at 5:05 pm in China. The fans of the league have been waiting for the clash for quite a while as this match is very crucial for both of the teams as it will decide their fate in the league. We will let you know about the performances of the teams, their most decisive players, and will also give you an appropriate prediction of the match.

JD vs JNT Live Score

JD vs JNT Live Score

Match Details

  • LEAGUE- CBA league season 2021
  • MATCH- Jiangsu Dragons vs Jili Northeast Tigers
  • DATE- 12th April 2021 Monday
  • TIME- 5:05 PM
  • VENUE- China

Jili Northeast Tigers Team Preview

They are in the 11th position in the league. They have played 53 in total out of which they have lost 26 of them. The team has been playing pretty average and their last game which was against JNT was pretty average too so we hope that they come back stronger in today’s match.

Jiangsu Dragons Team Preview

They are on at the 19th position in the league so far. They have played 53 matches in total but it is pretty disappointing to look at that they have only won 8 of these matches so they are currently in pretty bad form. It is pretty difficult to say that they will do wonders against the side which is playing pretty solid in the league.

Jili Northeast Tigers Top Pick Lineup:

  • Cui jinming
  • Lee
  • Guo jinlin
  • Jiang yuxing
  • Dominique jones

Jiangsu Dragons Top Pick Lineup:

  • Zheng qilong
  • H shi
  • M xu
  • Dez wells
  • Jiang haoran

JD vs JNT Match Prediction

It is pretty clear to us that the Jiangsu Dragons will win this match as we look at their performances over the Jili Northeast Tigers as one team is in a steady form and are looking to enter the top 6 and on the other hand the other team is really struggling to even snatch a win in the league.


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