Home Entertainment Jay Park Instagram: Why was Jay Park Deleted Instagram? Reason Explored

Jay Park Instagram: Why was Jay Park Deleted Instagram? Reason Explored


Jay Park Instagram: Why was Jay Park Deleted Instagram? Reason Explored: A music industry personality Jay Park is circulating on social platforms and he has been deleted his Instagram account after which his name o swirling all over the internet. His gams are getting so eager to know the reason behind deleting his Instagram account. Thye is so sad that their favorite personality is no more on Instagram now. Thye is now taking the river to twitter and there they are discussing the same. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jay Park Instagram

Jay Park Instagram

So everyone is claiming different things on deleting his account from Instagram. On January 1st Jay Park has been posted something on his Instagram and later he also re0organised all the posts. but then he had been deleted his account from the platform. You must be shocked to know this and search for the reason behind it. So now of yu guys will going to search his handle there will be a page occurred in which you will get to read “The Page Is Not Available.” So on the last day of the year 2021, Jay Park took his Instagram and there he opted for something.

Why was Jay Park Deleted Instagram?

So before this what he was posted let us inform that he was the CEO of the two most renowned music agencies. Thus, in the post, he wrote, “after the many consideration and thinking about it so deeply. I reached a decision that I’ am resigning from as CEO of AOMG and H1ghr MUsic. I know that after receiving the news everyone will be going to be shocking but I will be going to keep playing a file as the advisor to the same labels. And will also going to remain connected to them just like a family member. ”

While on December 30 he took his Twitter account and there he posted that, “if I ever retire, make sure to miss me.”

After these posts, his comment section was jammed up with a lot of messages and questions and his fans were kept on asking him why he is leaving this? while in the year 2017 H1ghr Music was used to be like his home to Sik-K, Kim Ha-on, BIG Naughty, GroovyRoom, TRADE L, and GOT7 JB, was established.

AOMG was founded by Jay Park, the label was managing Simon Dominic, Gray, Loco, Lee Hi, Cod Kunst, Woo Won-Jae, and GOT7 Yugyeom.

Well, there isn’t a reason yet why Jay Park deleted his Instagram account.

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