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Jawwad Khan Arrested: Why was Rajasthan 21-year-old Jawwad Khan arrested? Explained


Jawwad Khan Arrested: Why was Rajasthan 21-year-old Jawwad Khan arrested? Explained: Jawwad Khan who is at the age of 21 has been arrested by Tonk Police, Rajasthan after his social media post was celebrating the death of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) in the chopper crash tragedy on 8th December, Jawwad Khan had shared an image of General Rawat and said that he got burnt alive. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jawwad Khan Arrested

Jawwad Khan Arrested

Even before entering Jahannam, Tonk police swung into action and they stated that Khan has now been arrested, they have stated in a tweet that over derogatory statements, Jawwad Khan, son of Abdul Nakki Khan has been arrested, Khan is at the age of 21 and he lives near Raj Talkies. It has been further stated by the authorities on 8th December 2021, it has been brought to their notice that Khan had made derogatory statements, four special teams were formed to arrest the accused. Since then, he has been arrested and the investigation is on as of this point in time.

Why was 21-year-old Jawwad Khan arrested?

The Instagram profile has some disturbing images and messages which are quite often pro-Taliban and it also identifies himself as an ‘Islamic Fundamentalist’, he had a link on his Twitter bio on his Instagram page which also referred to him as Islamic Fundamentalists.

His bio goes like this,  “My pull up a game like Taliban.. you flee like soviet and USA. Islamic Fundamentalist.” His tweets seem to be a big issue as they are quite problematic where he was found referring to a pro-Taliban man having an assault rifle in front of him as having a “Noorani face”.

On 6th December, the anniversary of the demolition of the disputed structure at Ayodhya often referred to as Babri mosque, Jawwad was busy vowing to rebuild the masjid there by violence as that is the only way out, this is according to what he believes in, he has been posting a lot of disturbing posts and it was about time that he gets investigated, he needs counseling for sure.

He is someone who has been posting and tweeting put stuff which he is doing to bring up riots and to bring hatred int the world, he is trying to serve a false perspective, his charges are going to be disclosed in the coming days and weeks and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar.

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