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Jamie Faith Arrest In Death Case: Dallas Woman Described As “Puppet Master”


Jamie Faith Death Case: Dallas Woman Described As “Puppet Master”: The passing news of Jamie Faith is presently trending on the web. Jamie Faith and his spouse, Jennifer, set out from their Dallas house on an early morning dog walk on 9th October 2020. It would be the last and final walk, Jamie Faith ever took. Moments after they left home, Jamie was shot dead. It was clearly a murder that stunned their pals and neighbors. “To say it was a surprising murder would be an understatement…Broad daylight, 7 shots, 1 person assassinated,” states Steve Pickett, who covered the case for CBS’ KTVT-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth. “We watch murders all day. This one looked different.” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jamie Faith Death

Jamie Faith Death Case

“3 times to the head, 3 times to the chest, and once to the groin…And then someone turns to the spouse, takes the time to pull out the duct tape, and wrap her wrists,” states Christy Jack, a major defense lawyer correspondent Peter Van Sant,” As soon as I watched it, I thought, ‘That is a hit.” But if someone thinks this is a simple murder-for-hire story, you had been wrong.

Gunned Down While Walking The Dog

A neighbor named Melinda Mendoza described the whole lethal incident she says: I hear the woman shouting and screaming for her life, hysterical. It sounded like a film…so I hurry up and call the cops stating, “hurry and come, I think my neighbor just got shot.”

It was the 9th of October, 2020, and inhabitants of Oak Cliff were still absorbing the surprising murder of Jamie Faith. The detectives of Dallas Police started going house to house. The own front door security camera of Jamie captured the haunting picture as he left his home with Jennifer and their dog named Maggie. It was taken only seconds prior to Jamie being shot to demise.

Other cameras captured photos of the getaway truck of the killer leaving the scene.

Where Is Jennifer Faith Now?

American Airlines technology director Jamie Faith was mercilessly shot to death outside his house in Oak Cliff. His spouse Jennifer was the unlucky witness to his murder and the whole community came forward to support her in such a tough time. The gruesome information of the case has been elaborately documented in “48 Hours: The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith” on CBS.

Who Is Jennifer Faith?

Jennifer Lynne Faith met Wisconsin native Jamie Faith on a blind date in Phoenix in the month of October 2005. She was previously divorced two times and has a daughter named Amber from one of her marriages. The couple instantly hit it off due to their common interests and got wedded in the year 2012 in Las Vegas.

Jamie Faith Arrest

Today, we are going to talk about the 2020 Jamie’s murder case that has gained immense attention from people. Yes, you read it right that a man named Jamie Faith from Dallas was shot to death in October 2020. It was a big shock to everyone in the city. The news had been in the headlines for quite some time and several people have reacted to it. Now, the murder case of Jamie is being searched on the internet again. People want to know what exactly happened to Jamie Faith. In this article, we are going to provide you with all information about the case so stay tuned.

As per the reports, the heartbreaking incident took place on 09 October 2020 when Jamie Faith went out of his Dallas home with his wife, Jennifer on an early morning dog walk. He had no idea that it would be the last walk of his life. After some time, they left home and Jamie Faith was shot to death. It was a murder for sure that has left shocked their friends and neighbors.

Steve Pickett who cover this case for CBS’ KTVT-TV in Dallas Worth said, “To say it was a shocking murder would be an understatement … Broad daylight, seven shots, one person killed. We see murders all day. This one looked different.” A famous lawyer, Christy Jack said, “Three times to the head, three times to the chest, and once to the groin. … And then [someone] turns to the wife, takes the time to pull out the duct tape and wrap her wrists.

After listening to the story of the incident, people must be thinking that it is a simple murder-for-hire story but you are wrong. Later, it came out as a planned murder by his wife. After the incident, the authorities also questioned the neighbor about the incident who cooperated very well. The neighbors gave all details about whatever they heard, saw, and so on.

Later, after a strict investigation, the police arrested a man in connection to Jamie Faith’s murder case. In further investigation, Jamie’s wife Jennifer was arrested on 24 February 2021 but was not charged with homicide. She was charged with obstruction of justice. Later, an in-house camera showed her being sent to the Dallas County Jail. Now, she is set to be sentenced on 26 May. We will soon update our readers with more information about the case till then stay tuned with us for more updates.

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