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James Ruse Drive Accident: Photos Shows Acid-Eaten Sydney Road


James Ruse Drive Accident: Photos Shows Acid-Eaten Sydney Road: On Thursday a dangerous accident took place in Sydney where a toxic chemical spilled onto a busy road in Sydney. When this accident happened people became horrified after knowing about the chemical’s severity resulting in chaos occurring on the highway. Commuters faced unconventional difficulties due to this accident. This news created a stir on the internet. People are seeking information about the accident and are desperate to know how did it happen and what could be the cause of this accident. However, we have got some valuable information for you, if you follow this article till the end then you will get to learn every important aspect of this topic. Keep reading this weblog as we have discussed a lot of information. If you are one of the commuters who use James Ruse Drive then you should read this article carefully as we have given some important information for you in the downward placed divisions. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

James Ruse Drive Accident

James Ruse Drive Accident

The current situation on the highway is under control as the respective authorities performed their jobs efficiently. Traffic in West Sydney has been cleared from James Ruse Drive after a toxic chemical fall on the road. When the toxic chemical spilled on the road a cloud of vapor emerged in the air due to the high reactivity of the chemical. After knowing the severity of the acid people became panicked and chaos occurred on James Ruse Drive. Kindly shift to the next section for more information and updates.

Approximately 320-liter HCL spill on the road, drums of HCL (hydrochloric acid) fell from the truck which was traveling around 7:15 AM along the Rosehill road caused acid to surge onto the ground. Furthermore, the rescue and fire services were called to the scene at James Ruse Drive between Hassle St. and Parramatta Road. Due to the spill of the HCL, all lanes were seized due to which commuters faced major delays. But the road was reopened around 10:30 AM.

The superintendent of the Fire and Rescue department named Adam Dewberry informed the radio station 2GB about the spill of HCL at James Ruse Drive that caused off-gassing and made a cloud of vapor above the path. The highway was closed from both sides through Rosehill. The superintendent also claimed that the path would remain seized throughout the morning hours. He advised commuters to avoid the path and take an alternative way.

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