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James Charles Has Shaved His Head Is This Fake Or Real? Check Truth Behind James Charles Shaved Head!


As we all know, James Charles always brings storms on the internet with his posts. This time also James’s posts stunned all his fans which he shared on his Twitter handle on Thursday. James Charles is the most prominent Internet Personality Star, he often comes into headlines for his makeup tutorials video on youtube. He is mostly known for his good friendships with many legendaries of the industries. After seeing his latest posts on Twitter, this personality shocked and confused everyone.

James Charles

All his fans and dear ones want to know that is for real or it’s one of his scams. Now, we will tell you what he actually uploaded on his social media handle. James posted two images of him on social media on February 11. In his latest pic, he dressed up in black attire with a black mask and wear a silver chain in his neck. Well, he is looking as usual except the one thing which is that he has shaved his head.

In one of his images, he was wearing a black on his face and coming out of his car. In his second image, he was sitting at a table in one of his nearby restaurants. Everyone is wondering that is he really shaved his head. Charles posted his two images with a baby emoji in the caption. After uploading his pictures on social media, immediately flood has come on his post with different and shocking reactions. All the users comments on his post.

One user said, “James just joined the bald-headed brigade”. Some of his fans compliment him, “Hot”. but some users get to know that it is fake. One user said, “oh sis… you tried.. but we know”. However, a few days ago, he posted something on his stories that he has planning something for his hairstyle, “Wait until you guys see what i did with my hair”. Probably there are more chances that these are fake images of him. We will surely get to know sooner about this secret of Charles. To know more updates, stay tuned with us.

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