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Jake Gliddon: Cleo Smith Stepfather Arrested, Found Guilty or Not? Explained


Who is Jake Gliddon? Is Cleo Smith Stepfather Arrested, Found Guilty or Not? Explained: It has been stated by the police that Western Australia is trying to determine if there were more than one person who was involved in the alleged abduction of Cleo Smith, the four-year-old has been allegedly taken from the family tent while they were camping at Quobba Blowholes which is 75 KM north of Carnarvon, he died on 16th October. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jake Gliddon

Who is Jake Gliddon?

Cleo has been missing for 18 days now until she was rescued by the police from a locked room in a house which is in the West Australian town, Terence Darrell Kelly has been charged with abducting her, he is in a maximum-security prison in Perth until his next appearance in the court which is going to take place in the month of December.

Kelly is at the age of 36, he was arrested about an hour before Cleo was found and he has since been charged with numerous offenses which include one count of forcibly taking a child who is under 16, Cameron Blaine who is the Detective Sergeant, he was one of the officers who found Cleo, he stated on Monday that the investigation was going well but there was more work for them to do.

He stated, their focus for this week is for us to ascertain whether there is going to be anyone else who is going to be involved, that is why they are still there, he told this to the reporters in Carnarvon, he further stated, they just asked if there was anyone that had any contact with Kelly or whether someone saw him around.

Cleo Smith Stepfather Arrested?

She was found alive and well just before 1:00 am on 3rd November after three detectives forced their way into a property which was not far from her family home, one of the officers picked her up in the arms and asked, “what is your name?” to which she replied that her name is Cleo.

Police spent their sixth day at the home where Cleo was found as they were combing through the evidence for one of the biggest investigations in the history of WA, the case was cracked by a task force of more than 100 and WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson who has praised all of the people who were involved with the immense pride.

There are going to be further revelations in the story in the coming days and weeks and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further information as soon as something comes under our radar.

On 16th October 2021, a child named Cleo Smith went missing and her missing reports were in the headlines of the newspapers. Cleo Smith (4-years-old) was living in Carnarvon, Western Australia, with her mother Ellie Smith, sister and stepfather Jake Gliddon at the time of the incident. On Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, Cleo was founded by police. She was safe and sound inside a closed home just a few miles from her family’s Carnarvon house. After a motor vehicle, he was driving was stopped by cops, a 36-years-old man was taken into jail. Cleo has reunited with her family once again.

Who Is Jake Gliddon, the stepfather of Cleo Smith?

Jake Gliddon is the stepfather of the missing child Cleo Smith. He is not the biological father of Cleo. He has been in a love relationship with the mother of Cleo since the year 2019. Cleo’s mother, Ellie Smith and Jake have been in the relationship since the month of March 2019. Jake had a good and great bond with Cleo as well. In the missing case of Cleo, Jake was also the prime suspect. Though, he was not found guilty on the case after cops apprehended the 36-years-old man.

As per the police, Cleo was kidnapped by a 36-years-old man who hails from Carnarvon. The 4-years-old toddler was found alive and well on 3rd November 2021, after police raided the home of the man.

The Age Of Jake Gliddon

The age of Jake Gliddon is about 35-40 years old. There are no further details is currently available on the birth date and place of Jake. On social media as well his birthday is not available. Jake Gliddon completed her graduation from CSHS in the year 2008.

Net Worth Of Jake Gliddon

The net worth of Jake Gliddon is approximately to be around $400k-$1 million. There are no further details is currently available on the profession of Jake. As per his social media post, he is very much fond of fishing.

His Facebook ID is available by the name Jake Gliddon. As per his Facebook profile, he is very much fond of fishing. He has around 274 friends on Facebook. He has mostly posted pictures of himself fishing on Facebook.

Was Jake Gliddon Found Guilty?

No, Jake Gliddon was not found guilty in the missing case of his stepdaughter. As per the reports that even after being the stepfather, he has a good bond with Cleo. After the cops found Cleo, he was seen carrying her around.

The name of the suspect who kidnapped Cleo is Terence Darrell Kelly.

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