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Jaden Smith Tweets On Will Smith Apologizes To Chris Rock After Oscars Explained


Jaden Smith Tweets On Will Smith Apologizes To Chris Rock After Oscars Explained: Since Hollywood top-rated actor Will Smith has left the audience stunned by smashing the presenter of the best documentary award named Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards people have started unfolding the detail of his family due to which Will Smith’s son named Jaden Smith could not remain outside the limelight zone as people are unfolding details of his son and seeking the information of his deleted tweet that he posted a while ago before the announcement of the best actor of the year Oscar award. There is a lot more to know about this headline in the coming sections of this article so be sticky with this page and go down the page and take a look at all the sections of this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jaden Smith’s Tweets Explained

As the entire world knows about Will Smith and Chris Rock’s on-stage altercation probably there is a single person who might be not aware of this controversial matter. If you are also unaware of the hottest moment of the 94th Academy Awards then you should follow the next section line to line to learn why and how Will Smith smashed comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars 2022.

Will Smith Apologizes To Chris Rock After Oscars

Chris Rock took over the stage of event night to present the award for best documentary of the year but things went wrong when he made fun of Smith’s wife’s hairstyle who is also diagnosed with autoimmune disorder alopecia which can cause balding and hair loss. Chris made ‘G.I. Jada 2’ joke on 50 years old Will Smith’s wife. Initially, Will Smith gave a light smile but when he noticed his wife rolling her eyes due to the joke he went up to the stage and threw his hand on Chris’s face and yell ‘keep out her name from his fu*king mouth.’

Later Smith won the award of best actor for the first time for his role in King Richard then he delivered an emotional speech after this his son Jaden uploaded a picture with the caption ‘And that’s how we do it, My dad’s speech made me cry’ on Twitter but later he took down his tweet and deleted from the platform. But the images of his son’s tweet are circulating on the internet and making buzz over there. The reason for his taking down the post is seeming to be as his father apologized later to the Academy for his behavior with Chris Rock and that resulted in his son deleting the tweet that he posted in his father’s support.

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