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Jacqueline Gold Children: All About Jacqueline Gold Children’s


Jacqueline Gold Children: All About Jacqueline Gold Children’s: Jacqueline Gold is now the most successful woman as she is an entrepreneur in the UK. Her name is scattered on the web and everyone is keen to grab details about her personal life. So you guys are on the right platform as in the article below we have discussed everything in detail. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jacqueline Gold

How old is Jacqueline Gold and what is her net worth?

She was born on  July 16, 1960, and she is the daughter of West Ham United chairman David Gold. She is a dedicated personality and her wiseness can be seen well as she is a most successful businesswoman. She is worked in the BBC Radio 4 series and is 61 years old. She claimed several times that her childhood was so unhappy. In the year 2002, she had been met tp the city money broker Dan Cunnigham and Dan is 17 years old, the couple tied the knot to each other in 2010 and they become the parents of the girl child whose name is Scarlett.

Jacqueline Gold Children

Jacqueline Summers Gold’sestimated net worth is £650M and she is from one of the richest women in Great Britain.

When did she find Ann Summers?

She opened up her first shop in 1970 as a standard s*x shop, it was purchased by her brothers Ralph and David Gold.

After the start of the admin work, Jacqueline has been grabbed the company while she was at age of 19 and she was with the big idea of taking her brand at the height and adding more female stuff.

She unveiled the tragic death of her baby son who is just 10 months old and at the age of 58, she was the mum of her 9-year-old son. She became the CEO of the company in 1987 and she managed to transform it into the millions and her annual turnover is £109million.

She appears on Loose Woman and spoke about the most heartbreaking tragedy in her past. She use to talk less about her son Alfie’s and the death to the media she said, “Anybody who’s lost a child, it’s the worst thing a parent can go through.”

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