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Is Jacqueline Fernandez Arrested? Actress to be arrested soon in 200 crore extortion case? revealed


Is Jacqueline Fernandez Arrested? Actress to be arrested soon in 200 crore extortion case? revealed: We are wherewith a most shocking and unacceptable about the Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernadez, and a terrible about her has been grown by an hour. And she has been under arrest after she is found alleged, Now you just be wondering what allegations are imposed on her. So stay tuned to the article as you will ging to get your answer in the article below. This news is making a headline and also scattered on social media platforms. So without any more delay let’s get onto the article now. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jacqueline Fernandez Arrested

Is Jacqueline Fernandez Arrested?

When she stepped at the Mibeie airport on Sunday as from leaving a country she has been alleged for conman Sukesha Chandrasekar Rs 200 crore money laundering case. But whether these allegations on her are fake or true, is yet to be clear. As per the sources her close friend and the most beloved actor of Hindin Film Cinema, Slaman Khan is helping her out n this allegation against her. And she has been arrested as per the various sources. Whereas, when asked by her friends, about this they said that “they aren’t ready to comment anything in this matter.”

Here so something which has been said about her from her co-star that, she is so sweet and ambitious person. And she always wanted her life to be good and she is making it too.”

She has been asked by the central agency many times after she has been found alleged. And on Sunday when she stopped at Mumbai airport she was detained on the basis of the order passed by ED. So she was leaving for Dubai in the evening n Sunday. And alter the lawyer of Sukesh revealed that the actress was dating the client of Sukesh. And there is a picture of Jacquline with her client in which we will see that she is kissing on his cheeks.

Sukesh has exported 200 crores from a wife of a businessman while he was lodged inside a prison. As per the sources, Sukesh also gifted many of the special things to Jacquline. These gifts include a horse which is worth rupees 52 lakh, and a Persian cat also, who is worthy rupees 5 lakh. Not only this he had been gifted her thighs which are worth rupees 10 crores.

Stay tuned to us to grab more details on the same.

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