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Jacob Hoggard Trial Update: Sex Assault Trial Continues Monday


Jacob Hoggard Trial Update: Sex Assault Trial Continues Monday: Jacob Hoggard is charged with sexually assaulting and raping a 16 years teenager and facing trials for the accusation continued on Monday with witnesses of the allegation of rape in an airport hotel room in September 2016. Jacob Hoggard Hedley frontman age 37 years, pleaded not guilty to sexually harassing a person under 16 and also followed by two counts of assault and physically assaulting the victim. and charges are imposed for two separate complainants. Jacob Hoggard has admitted to having a sexual encounter but it was with mutual consent but the accusers are fabricating the story and putting false allegations. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Jacob Hoggard Trial

Jacob Hoggard Trial Update

Jacob Hoggard is 37 and he is charged with a sexual offense on him which he did in 2016 but the lawyer and Jacob Hoggard said to the court that it was not as it is shown to the court. he was involved with both but with their permission and never assaulted anyone. his lawyer suggested both complaints are fabricating their allegations of violence and raping repeatedly which left the victim injured physically. as in the initial overview of pieces of evidence, the jury will be hearing the accuser’s friend who will witness the blood in the accuser’s pants.

Who Is Jacob Hoggard?

All this incident and the accuser and Jacob Hoggard are explained before the Chief and from back when the incident took place. saying the 16 yr girl and Jacob Hoggard were planning to attend a concert and the girls approached him for tickets to the concert to which Jacob Hoggard suggested to come along and girls didn’t refuse as there is a ride back home. only Jacob Hoggard hugged the girl a little tight than usual which she reported later, to her mother. adding to she agrees to nothing hanky-panky happened.  she also confirms she never reached out to Jacob Hoggard and they never attended any more Hedley concerts and the chief examination.

Jacob Hoggard Sex Assault Trial Continues Monday

The victim’s statement is posted on Twitter as eviction says she is terrified from that day incident and deleted her social media and doesn’t want to go anywhere she is so scared she had nightmares. her mother took her to the police and also a doctor to make sure of her health. she also said Jacob Hoggard didn’t use any protection. and her mother is very sad and angry about the incident and helps her daughter to come out of this depression and start over again and become bold. she also told that Jacob Hoggard was the main person they talked to that night and they all went backstage where they socialized with him a bit before and after the concert. still, trials continued.

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