J, Cole has been so serious and intended to whom he is working with for his music. It’s a joke that a rapper is all set to keep up going from platinum without featuring. Other than his aversion to thinning his art by lending his support to other people tracks, J. Cole stated that “while my new release of the documentary under pressure: The Off-season, well he is ready to face the forthcoming retirement, so, that he can let  the world know about his fresh and features before he comes out.”

J. Cole

J. Cole Net Worth 2021

The rapper has been hinted that he will be retiring  from music for at least one year, he gives a strat with his The Audacity essay, said: “I have to check off few more items but before this, I made myself ready to accept the forthcoming chapter of my life.” He has been also added that last year in the month of December, The Fall Off might be his last or a final music album or a project, we can say it on the basis of what he had been shared in his to-do list which includes words like “Features” and “ROTD3”, also consist of albums such as The Off-Season, It’s A Boy and The Fall Off.

If we have a look at his new entry then he has been given a statement and that is, “I’m at peace with the absolute mindset of leaving my music career behind, and on the come back I will be fetched with some new and fresh features.” In his film, Cole says, “I really do not wanna look behind and feel like that I haven’t work with anybody. I didn’t work along with anyone and might be just cool and okay with that? Well, the answer is NO, hence so must start saying Yes to get features.”

Let’s inform you that J. Cole’s new documentary has been released earlier today and it crossed over 500,000 views. We will also be going to see him as a professional basketball player hence this will going to exciting for his fans to see him attempting a completely different and new profession, Stay tuned to us for J. Cole’s new profession and his upcoming album this week.


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