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Israeli Jets Lebanon: Israeli Aircraft Strike Rocket Launch Sites In Lebanon


Israel launched an attack as they have launched jets which have struck stated by the Israeli military, they have stated there were rocket launch sites in Lebanon and there has been an escalation of cross-border hostilities. The airstrikes which have taken place were in response to what Israeli authorities stated as rocket fire from Lebanese which they have told happened on Wednesday, rockets struck the areas which were in Northern Israel which have been causing brush fires which are along the hilly frontier.

Israeli Jets Lebanon

Israeli Jets Lebanon

It has been stated there has been no responsibility which has been taken up for what happened in South Lebanon which is under the sway of Iran who backed up the guerrillas naming Hezbollah. and it seems like Israel has also responded with several rounds of artillery which they did on Wednesday as they launched the airstrikes which have happened early on Thursday.

They further added they have also struck an area that has seen many rocket launches which they have seen in the past and after the strikes happened, it was shown on the TV that Israeli planes are carrying out raids which they are doing at the outskirts of the town of Lebanese which is at Mahmudiya which is about 12 kilometers away, the reports have shown there has been no casualties.

There has been no statement issued by Hezbollah, it has been stated by President of Lebanese Michael Aoun, the airstrikes which were done by Israel in the form of airstrikes targeted the Lebanese village which they have been targeting since 2006 and now it seems like things are escalating now. it has been stated by Mr. Aoun, strikes were a direct threat to the stability and security of Southern Lebanon and they have violated the UN Security Council resolution.

Benny Gantz who is the defense minister stated this was an attack that was done to send a clear message, he stated they can really do a lot more than this and he further stated, they hope that it doesn’t come to that. it seems like things are escalating at a faster pace and this needs to be discussed with the countries in the UN in order to stop an outright war as both of the countries are pretty reluctant.

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