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Israel Matseke Zulu says I’ll bounce back soon


Israel Matseke Zulu says I’ll bounce back soon: One of the most popular and well-known actors Israel Matseke Zulu is hitting the headlines nowadays after revealing his battle with gangrene. Yes, you read it right that recently the actor Israel Matseke Zulu has poured his heart out while talking about his battle with gangrene, which resulted in the amputation of his left leg. Israel Matseke Zulu is a talented and established actor who has earned a huge reputation and fame in his life. He has a tremendous fan following on the internet who appreciate him for his every work. Here, we have brought some latest details about him and his health condition. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Israel Matseke Zulu

Israel Matseke Zulu

Johannesburg actor Israel Matseke Zulu has recently shared about his battle with gangrene. He said that he had experienced nocent pain in his leg but avoided it as he was afraid of going to the hospital for a medical test. He said, “I was living in hell for seven months. I would sleep on a couch for seven months every night because when I tried to sleep in bed, the pain would be unbearable.”


He added that he realized that he was on the verge of kicking the bucket as the pain started in the leg and went to his heart. He said that one of his friends named Mzwakhe Sigudla, suggested he should go for a medical check-up once. Reluctantly, he agreed and went to the hospital. Following a complete medical examination, they found that he had gangrene in his leg and there was also a horrific infection in it. They suggested that he should amputate his left leg as it would also be affected his kidney or his other leg.

He stated, “What surprised the doctors was that although this is caused by high blood and sugar diabetes, I don’t have either. They then suspected that it might be smoking.” He added that that’s why those who believe in witchcraft say that he was fascinated, but he go with what the medical scientists advised him and that’s the reason why he quit smoking. He also revealed that he agreed to amputate his left leg as the pain was getting worsened but after that, he canceled his appointment for the surgery at the 11th hour. He said that he canceled four appointments. He revealed that but when his friend made him understand so he went to the hospital and amputated his leg after surgery. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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